About Us

Fundraising professionals who help you achieve success.

No candidate runs for public office because of their love to raise money. Just as no political committee or non-profit organization exists simply to raise money. Yet in reality, fundraising is critical to their success.

With the guidance of Holloway Consulting, the first time candidate can become as effective a fundraiser as the board member who raises a million dollars for their non-profit organization. The foundation for successful fundraising for each starts with a willingness to ask a prospective donor for a contribution.

Holloway Consulting works in partnership with each client to identify potential donors and ensure that the most efficient and cost effective fundraising methods are put in place to earn a financial contribution.

U.S. Senators praise our work. Presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial candidates look to us to strengthen their fundraising efforts. Super PACs, political committees and non-profit organizations all call on us to take their fundraising programs to the next level.

With Holloway Consulting leading your fundraising efforts, you will have proven professionals with you every step of the way to counsel you on the reasons donors contribute and to implement the best practices for securing a contribution.